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It is important that you feel comfortable with whoever you work with for therapy. One of the values that I think is important as a practioner is transparency. I will hold appropriate boundaries with self disclosure but also feel that you deserve to understand who you are talking to. I am a cisgender woman with Latina and Caucasian heritage. Just in the way that your identities affect the way that you are perceived by the world, they also impact the way you view the world. I am a proud feminist, anti-racist, and pro-science. I am agnostic and do not offer any sort of religious based counseling. I do not feel that I am the best fit for folks from religious backgrounds unless you're looking to process religious trauma or folks who are conservative politically. We simply see the world very differently. 


My approach is varied depending on the individual's history with treatment. For people new to therapy, it may be helpful to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT involves looking at thoughts patterns and behaviors that may be creating obstacles in your life and setting up appropriate coping skills to address those issues.  For people who come to therapy for the purpose of processing trauma, a trauma-informed, relational approach is necessary. For people who are looking to gain understanding about how their past intersects with their present behaviors, insight oriented therapy would be the best approach.


​I am not a "Listen and Nod" therapist. I will actively listen, provide you with feedback and analysis, and be open with you about your diagnosis, prognosis, and any treatments indicated. With full transparency, I say that I am not a validation-only therapist. Some folks want a therapist who will listen and validate without providing feedback or analysis. That is not my style.  I will, however, work with you to figure out exactly how you can benefit from therapy.

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